FOSSR Board of Directors

Board of Directors:

President: TOM DONALDSON – 2020-2022

Tom Donaldson is a Nevada native, an alumnus of the University of Nevada, Reno, and a partner in the Dyer Lawrence law firm in Carson City. Tom, his wife, Kelley, and their dog, Bella, regularly enjoy the Silver Saddle Ranch and many other outdoor activities that Northern Nevada has to offer.  Tom joined the FOSSR Board in 2018.



Vice-President: MIKE DREWS – 2020-2022

Michael Drews graduated from the University of San Francisco with a degree in sociology/anthropology. He has worked as an archeologist in both the public and private sector in Nevada. Currently he is a Cultural Resource and GIS project manager for Gnomon, Inc. in Carson City. Appointed to the Carson City Historic Resources Commission by the Carson City Board of Supervisors in 1989, he has served as its chairman since 2003. As member of the Carson River Advisory Committee in 1994 representing historic and Native American Interests, he co-authored the river’s first comprehensive master plan. He  was appointed as a Member-at-Large to the Sierra Front/Northwest Nevada Resource Advisory Council in 2009. Mike is married to Lou Ann Speulda-Drews. They have three grown sons, a daughter at UNR, and five grandchildren.

Treasurer: KATHY SILVIA – 2020-2022

Kathy Sylvia moved to Carson City from Rhode Island 12 years ago. She attended the University of Minnesota and has over 20 years experience in the accounting field, including many years as bookkeeper for the non-profit Newport Art Museum. She currently is a Water Rights Specialist for a local engineering firm. Her interests include most outdoor activities, with a special fondness for white-water and recreational canoeing, pleasure and competitive sailing, hiking, and horseback riding. Kathy and her husband, Dave, enjoy travel and herding dog competitions. Her enthusiasm and experience are great assets for FOSSR.

Secretary: MICHAEL BISH – 2020-2022

Michael Bish has been a member of Friends of Silver Saddle Ranch since its inception and has served as a Trustee and most recently as the Secretary for the organization.  Michael works for the Nevada Department of Transportation in the Information Technology Division, GIS Section.  He has resided in Carson City since 1993 and enjoys traveling and bicycle riding.


Trustee: CRAIG SWOPE – 2020-2022

Craig Swope is enjoying semi-retirement after 30 years of broadcasting in Carson City. He and his wife, Mary Beth, enjoy walks with their dog, Dakota, at Silver Saddle Ranch and always find nature presenting new wonders every time they cover the trails at the ranch. Craig and Mary Beth have been involved with a number of organizations since the early 80’s ranging from Hospice and Advocates to End Domestic Violence to service clubs and First Christian Church. Along with walks at Silver Saddle, the Swope’s enjoy golf, hot springs and binge-watching suspense-thrillers via streaming media.

Trustee: NANCY SANTOS – 2020-2022

Nancy Santos is a professional biologist and NEPA specialist with a B.S. from the University of California, Davis. She has served as the Vice President and President of Friends of Silver Saddle Ranch since it’s inception in 2000. Ms Santos has developed a bird checklist for Silver Saddle Ranch, served as program coordinator for Eagle Scout projects, and led the FOSSR Board in organizational planning and development of the FOSSR mission statement. Ms Santos was project manager for the Creating a Community Vision: Silver Saddle Ranch and the Carson River project (2006-2008) which became the basis for management planning for the Silver Saddle Ranch and adjoining public lands along the Carson River.

Trustee: : DAVE DINEEN – 2020-2022

Dave & Tip

David Dineen has been a FOSSR board member since moving to Carson City in 2018. David has a strong interest in preserving agricultural practices. David moved here from Idaho where he had a ranch that he worked with his mules and horses. David is our mule teamster here at the ranch. He and his girls (and sometimes Duke – horse) are happy to give wagon rides at the events at the ranch. David and his team also represented FOSSR in the 2018 Nevada Day Parade. David hopes that the ranch will eventually be able to use his team to demonstrate horse and mule drawn farming techniques.


Trustee: VACANT

Honorary Board Members:

Svana, Valkyrie & Duke

Wagon Team
Svana is a Norwegian Fjord Mule (Fjule) born in 2006. Her mother was a Norwegian Fjord Horse (think Frozen) and dad was a donkey. She is 13.3 Hands High. Svana takes more after her father’s side of the family. Nothing seems to really phase her. Valkyrie is a Norwegian Fjord Mule (Fjule) born in 2007. She is 14.2 Hands High. She is a full sister to Svana with her mother a Norwegian Fjord Horse and dad a donkey. Valkyrie takes more after her mother’s horsey side. Her nickname is “Tank” because she likes to plow through any obstacle. Duke is a Norwegian Fjord Horse born in 1999. He is an awesome driving horse. He is very willing to please. He is also the boss of the herd. He has to try everyone’s hay before they get to eat!

Mama Chula


Wagon Team Side Kick
Mama Chula is an Appaloosa Mule. She was also born in 1999. She is the premier riding equine of the group. She is known for the perfect heart spot on her hip. She was also in the 2019 Nevada Day Parade out ahead of the Wagon Team.

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