The Silver Saddle Ranch depends on volunteers to provide some of the labor necessary be sure the needs of pedestrians, bicyclists, and equestrians are met.

If you have a skill or interest that you would like to put to good use at the SSR, please contact us:

The southern bridge over the Mexican Ditch at the SSR became unsound and needed replacement. The former Carson City Equestrian Alliance donated $3000 toward reconstruction of the bridge. Alton Anker of A&A generously arranged the purchase and delivery of lumber. Pictured are volunteers unloading the lumber at the bridge site.



Roy Houghton of Roy Houghton Construction provided his expertise in setting the beams in place, laying the planking and replacing the handrails for the bridge. All that was left was some finish work for volunteers to complete.


Neighborhood resident Jay Keller helps out  with mowing the two track trail sat the SSR. These trails tend to overgrow quickly in areas and require mowing to keep them passable.


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