Help Make This Vision a Reality


  • Imagine that we could preserve a part of Nevada’s rural heritage of ranching and mining right here in the capital city of Nevada.
  • Imagine open space that provides a variety of passive recreation and trail uses that are balanced with existing agricultural uses and protection of the Carson River ecosystem.
  • Imagine a historic landscape providing educational and interpretive experiences for generations yet to come.


The community-wide planning efforts of Creating a Community Vision: Silver Saddle Ranch and the Carson River identified goals to:

  • Preserve and enhance the area’s scenic, natural, undeveloped character.
  • Protect and enhance the Carson River ecosystem including associated upland areas.
  • Provide for a variety of trail uses, passive recreation opportunities and events that are compatible with preserving the character of the area and protecting natural resources.
  • Preserve the area’s cultural heritage and resources.
  • Improve on-site educational and interpretive opportunities.
  • Manage the area for improved safety, resource and private property protection.
  • Enhance access to the Silver Saddle Ranch and Carson River area, including Prison Hill.


Your help is needed to make the vision for Silver Saddle Ranch a reality.Your contribution will help leverage other funding from private and public sources to ensure the long-term financial independence of this effort.

Thank you for your consideration.

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